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Money reflects our personal values and the hard work we put into earning it. How we treat money, save it and spend it, is a reflection of our internal beliefs — our money mindset. Understanding our internal beliefs helps us make smarter financial decisions and avoid the behaviors that damage financial health.


[01:07] Why Does My Mindset About Money Matter

[01:42] Key Questions to Discover Your Money Mindset

[04:24] You Mindset is Key To Your Financial Health

[07:08] Get Accountability As You Seek to Make a Change


  • Money Insights Monthly: Harness the Power of Your Money Mindset 
  • Questions from the episode:
    • When was a time I felt good about money?
      Why did I feel that way?When was a time I felt guilty or negative about money?
      Why did I feel that way?What does success look like to me?
      How will I know that I got there?

      What I am grateful for in my life?

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[00:00:01] Money is much more than just a medium of exchange for goods and services. Money actually has the power to reflect our personal values and the hard work we put into earning it. You see how we treat money save it and spend it is merely a reflection of our internal beliefs of our money mindset. And if you're going to design a bright and prosperous financial future you need to identify and harness the power of your money mindset. In this episode you'll discover how to create a powerful money mindset. Welcome the money moves. I'm your host of Evelio Silvera. My goal is to share practical insights about business worth and money so you can design your financial future and enjoy life on your terms. Now let's get moving. When it comes to money we all have strongly held beliefs in whether we realize it or not. Many of these beliefs grow out of our childhood and they come from lessons we learn from our families or them picked up through life experiences. So you're probably asking yourself why is my mindset even matter when it comes to money and finances. Let me tell you that understanding our internal beliefs helps us make smarter financial decisions and more importantly avoid the behaviors that have a damage to our financial health and our financial future. So if you're wondering well I don't really know much about my money mindset. I've put together a few questions and as you answer these questions you're going to discover more about your money beliefs and it'll help you unlock key insights about your mindset and the behaviors that are holding you back from achieving your financial goals. Now you can answer them along with me as I share them or if you'd rather write them out.

[00:02:08] Really take some time and and put your answers down on paper and see the questions and reflect them a little bit. I've put this together as part of the resources for this episode. Just visit money moves podcast dot com forward slash money mindset and you'll be able to see these questions. But let's go ahead and ask them right here right now. First one was a time I felt good about money. And why did I feel that way. Second one was a time I felt guilty or negative about money. Why did I feel that way. What does success look like to me. How will I know that I got there. Finally the most important question What am I grateful for in my life. As you go through these questions and have very specific answers it's incredible what happens. Just acknowledging where positive relationships and negative relationships with money come from and what caused you to feel that way or come to that conclusion. Start to really allow you to understand the perspective that you've had subconsciously in most cases that have led you to make certain decisions with jobs or asking or not asking for a raise or making certain buying decisions that may or may not have been good at that time but the reason why I said the most important question is What am I grateful for in life. Is it if you really start to see that there is power and success isn't just lying in the amount of money in your bank account but it could be your time your health your relationships and that there are plenty of things to be content and grateful for. Right here right now in your life you then are harnessing the power of a money mindset instead of being controlled by your money mindset.

[00:04:24] Having the right kind of plan a very specific budget financial goals all of these tools and resources are certainly important to making sure that you are achieving good positive things in your financial life not just your your regular life right. But I want you to understand that your mindset is a key to your financial health. It is very important and it's a tool and a resource and something that shapes how we do what we do and sometimes we don't even recognize. So what does the word money bring to mind right now. Are those associations positive or negative beliefs about money are complicated. It's a symbol of one's self right. It's a symbolic of maybe and part of the definition of your respect your love freedom control power worth and so much more so having a healthy relationship with money and using it to create success require you to understand the beliefs and internal scripts driving your behavior. Trying to build a strong financial habits without the right mindset it's a lot like driving down the highway with your emergency brake on. You just are never going to have the full potential and you'll be grinding up the very mechanism the powerful tool of your vehicle. This supposed to be getting you to where you need to go as a financial professional. Think about wealth in terms of opportunities it offers and as a tool for good and positive things in the lives of people you know I realize that everyone who walks in my office doesn't actually view money the same way. Now for some people money can be uncomfortable and something they'd rather not even think about let alone talk about others tie wealth their definitions of success and self-worth. Look I don't think one mindset is better than another.

[00:06:27] What's important though is understanding your own beliefs and identifying how they drive your decisions and your behavior. If you can recognize the negative aspects of your money mindset you can manage your emotions and fears better and you can recognize and start to change those bad habits and turn them into healthy habits healthy habits that allow you then to not just plan for the next pay period but the next year five years 10 years and start to create and create and craft a vision for your future that allows you to live life on your terms. I hope you realize that identifying changing negative behaviors associated with your mindset and money are key to making the best financial decisions. And if you're looking to understand how to shift your money mindset and improve it I'm here to help. One of the best services I can provide is that of a financial coach and accountability partner. And so if you're looking for some help some guidance and accountability on making those great financial decisions after creating a powerful money mindset then feel free to drop me a line thus way to do that is a visit. Financial security group Go to the contact page and make sure to send me a message and I look forward to helping you create a powerful money mindset. Thanks for listening. I hope you enjoyed this episode if it provided you value and got you charged up to make some new money moves. Do me a favor and share it with others on social media. Use the hashtag money moves and you never know what kind of swag we'll send your way. If you're looking for the show knows links to resources and more visit. Money moves podcast dot com. When you subscribe I'll give you a free copy of my latest guide.

[00:08:35] The three key money moves to create wealth. Now as my way of saying thank you. That's w w w dot. Money moves podcast dot com wherever you may be listening or however you may be listening. Thanks for making money moves part of your day. And remember if you make the right money moves today you'll be able to navigate your financial life without sacrificing your lifestyle so you can enjoy a prosperous future.


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